Rita El Ashy

Rita El Ashy is a godmother of 8 and a self-made woman who leads life by heart, by action and by compassion. She holds a BA in Computer Sciences & Business Administration and has to date had a long career in a leading telecom company in Lebanon. Always lending her shoulder and dedicating herself entirely to her entourage, Rita’s deep-rooted values and exceptional smile carry her always forward in life!

Samar Hassan

Samar Hassan is a proud mother of two, the managing partner of JSK Real Estate and a true believer in team power. Her educational background includes an MBA from the American University of Beirut and her professional background includes 20 years of working in a multinational company prior to co-founding one of the leading real estate brokerage companies in Lebanon. A big fan of music and oriental dancing Samar has rewritten the definition of a Friday night fever!

Karen Latouf

Karen Lattouf is well vested in the humanitarian field in Lebanon and supports the causes of many organizations across the country. A dedicated lawyer by profession, she is a hard worker, a kindhearted woman and a great team player. An active member of a choir, Karen is the voice that rhymes with all surroundings and the glue that brings together everyone!

Adele Halabi

Adele Halabi is a passionate defender of just causes and a fierce animal lover and protector. Holding a law degree from St Joseph University and specializing in Commercial & Corporate law, Adele can literally argue her way in and out of any discussion and situation. Food, travel & mischiefs are high on her list!

Celine Harb

Celine Harb has a magical ability to make people smile – children and adults alike. Celine is a pediatric dentist, a graduate from St Joseph University and a great lover of nature and of her homeland Batroun. Her drive to accomplish things in life and to reach out to people around her is unstoppable and her contribution to HOC, a blessing. Celine is truly the light in the face of adversity and her energy and enthusiasm are totally contagious!

Carine Tohme

Carine Tohme has previously worked in the humanitarian field and the International Committee of the Red Cross in Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Afghanistan. Carine holds a law degree from St Joseph University and is currently the managing partner of Tohme Law Firm. She also studied International development at Paris Pantheon Sorbonne University, holds an MBA and is a certified mediator. Carine spends her free time travelling, reading, writing poetry and most importantly making herself available to every person in need!