Medical Interventions




Jobs Created


Homes Refurbished


Food Boxes Distributed

United to Make a Difference

The House of Christmas was set up by a group of Lebanese friends living locally and globally and working in various sectors including medical, law, finance, real estate and telecom. Our aim is to reach out to families in need we identify and personally meet through a framework we have set up covering various regions across Lebanon. Read more >>

Symbols and Meanings

Strong Foundations

The House symbolizes strong foundations and the basis of every human life. It’s all about helping people regain their dignity and achieve their purpose.

Openness and Reach

The House is an open space celebrating the beauty of togetherness and the joy of sharing. It’s all about celebrating humanity and channeling kindness to our community.

Shelter for All Needs

The House is a shelter for all needs and places itself at the service of others. It’s all about catering for our families and assisting them in building a sustainable life.